Professional Care
Professional Care
| ICQ Oral Health Center
We would like to know your dental concern or fear, and will perform the dental treatment with appropriate anesthetic and techniques. Different treatment options are provided based on sound scientific evidence. All treatment procedures are performed under sterile conditions.
We also provide various types of preventive care. We give professional oral health instructions and introduce the suitable oral health products to our patients.
Individual Care
We value on individualized oral health care. We ask and understand your medical history and dental concern to customize the best treatment plan for you. We will regularly update your personal information and medical condition.

Your dental treatment plan will be customized to suit your need. Treatment options and fee will be well explained.
Digital Smile Design (DSD)
Digital Smile Design  is a comprehensive imaging and modeling protocol that improves dentist and patient communication in developing the treatment plan for a cosmetic dentistry procedure.
Oral Hygiene Products